hinton_no9.gif Hinton Scholars Student Tutoring Group 9

School: Boston Latin Academy
teacher_bla-via.jpgteacher_hinton16_jbanerjee.jpgAP Bio Teacher:
Dr. Via & Dr Banerjee
grp9-tutor-zimanyi.jpggrp9_hinton17_yhua.jpgTutors: Christina Zimanyi & Yvonne Hua

Liguya Brown
Emily Collins
Adria Coutlis
Ya Wen Deng
Kiara King

Annie Lin
Danya Ramlalwhyte
Richard Wisdom
Kaetu Wleh


Special Announcement for group 9 from Christina. November 17, 2016:

Dear Group 9 scholars -

I have some bittersweet news for you. The bitter is that I will no longer be your tutor for the rest of your time in the Hinton program (but no worries, I am leaving you in good hands!). The sweet is that it’s because I got an awesome job offer. An exciting opportunity came my way and starting in January, I will be a scientist at the New York Structural Biology Center in New York City. I’m super excited for a few reasons. One is that my official job title will be “Scientist” - how cool is that?! On top of that, the work itself is very interesting. I am joining a small team of structural biologists that work on dedicated projects to support other research groups (some at universities and some at companies). My goals will be to determine the three dimensional structures of proteins in order to answer and ask new questions about how they work. I don’t know yet exactly what proteins I will work on, but almost all of the projects involve proteins important in human health and disease. My contribution will be to lend particular expertise in 3D structure determination (this is what I focused on as a PhD student and as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard) to drive projects forward. I get to let other people do the biology and biochemistry experiments - which sounds good to me - divide and conquer! Basically, I get to think about proteins and how they work and play with them in the lab every day as my day job - so cool!

One downside though, is that I am sad that I won’t get to work with you this year. Even after just two meetings, it’s clear to me that each and every one of you is motivated and capable. Those are the key ingredients for success. I know you will all do great work this year and I hope you enjoy working with Yvonne for the remaining labs. I wish you all the best in Hinton, on the AP Bio exam, in college, and beyond. And I hope that some of you will also be scientists some day - from what I’ve seen so far, each of you is most certainly capable! Best of luck!


LABORATORY 1 - Enzyme Catalysis
Thursday, October 20, 2016
TMEC 328 All students: Tutors join students in the lab.
Labs: 343 & 344

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB1. Students will have access to any content you post before arriving to lab. You could post text, images, links, animations, or upload a PDF file. You may also want to take photos of lab data on a mobile device or iPad during the lab. }

LABORATORY 2 - Photosynthesis
Thursday, November 17, 2016
TMEC Tutoring room: 115
Labs: 343 & 344

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB2.}

LABORATORY 3 - Cellular Respiration
Thursday, December 15, 2016
TMEC Tutoring room: 115
TMEC Learning Studio 328 & 332 for Lab

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB3.}

LABORATORY 4 - Transpiration

Thursday, January 19, 2017
TMEC Tutoring room: TBA

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB4.}

LABORATORY 5 - DNA Analysis with PCR & Gel Electrophoresis
Thursday, February 19, 2017
TMEC Tutoring room: TBA

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB5.}

LABORATORY 6 - Transformation
Thursday, March 16, 2017
TMEC Tutoring room: TBA

{Tutor please INSERT content here for LAB6.}