Lab 5 - DNA Analysis with miniPCR & Gel Electrophoresis

Cohort A - O'Bryant • Thursday February 1, 2018 Lab Assistants: labasst-benaduce.jpgCJ Beneduce

Cohort B - Kennedy & C.A.S.H. • Thursday February 8, 2018 Lab Assistants: labasst-zullo.jpgJoe Zullo labasst_hinton18_apanov.jpgAlexanda Panov
Erica Mazaika
Cohort C - Boston Latin Academy Thursday February 15, 2018 Lab Assistants: labasst_hinton16_hderivera.jpgHeather DeRivera & labasst_hinton18_pohern.jpgPatrick O'Hern
Heather de Rivera

Big Idea 3: Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to information essential to life processes.

NOTE: The following lab was newly designed for Hinton18 students. The lab incorporates miniPCR technology to enable students to prepare their own DNA samples. Thank you to CJ Beneduce and David Chi for adapting and testing the experimental protocol. Hinton 18 students will use the new bluegel electrophoresis system to run gels.


O' Bryant Big Ideas Form L 5&6
Kennedy and C.A.S.H.
Big Ideas Form L 5&6
Boston Latin Academy Big Ideas Form L 5&6


AP Biology Background Material

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Gel Electrophoresis Teacher Protocol Page T161
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Gel Electrophoresis Student Protocol Page S111

Student Experimental Protocol

Student teams will first use the miniPCR system to amplifiy DNA samples collected at a fictitious crime scene and then separate DNA fragments using the bluegel electrophoresis device. Each team will complete a set of worksheets given out during tutoring that cover the important theories and experiment steps required.
miniPCR device

blueGel Electrophoresis unit (NEW 2017)

Lab Protocol
Version 1.4 (Updated 1/31/18)


Watch these videos before coming to lab.

DNA Replication

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

OPTIONAL - Enzyme Restriction

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