Lab 4 - Transpiration

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Cohort A - O'Bryant • Thursday January 3, 2019 • Lab Assistants labasst-benaduce.jpgCJ Beneduce
2:30 PM - TMEC Room 333

Cohort B - Kennedy & Tech Boston. • Thursday January 10, 2019 • Lab Assistantslabasst_hinton19_sganguli.jpgSangrag Ganguli
2:30 PM - TMEC Room 328

Cohort C - Boston Latin Academy • Thursday January 17, 2019• Lab Assistantslabasst_hinton19_pbirla.jpgPakhi Birla
2:30 PM - TMEC Room 306

Please note: Lab 4 will be held in the new learning studio spaces (microscopy lab rooms).
Students optimize plant leaf microscopy image with iPad app.

Vernier Student Experimental Protocol

New Updated Protocol 01/05/2017

Students will manually record data using this handout.

John D. O'Bryant
Big Ideas Form
Kennedy & CASH
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Boston Latin Academy
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Available Plants

Hinton 18 (2017-2018)

Will be made available on 1/11/18.

Hinton 17 (2016-2017)
1 Swiss Cheese

2 Fittonia

4 Rex Begonia

5 Golden Pothos

6 Grape Ivy

7 Cyclamen

Old Hinton 16 (2015-2016)
1 Variegated Ivy

2 pothos golden

3 rex begonia

4 jasmine upright

5 algerian ivy

6 pothos variegated

7 bush bean seedling

Microscopy - ExoLabs Camera System with iPad
Rex Begonia nail polish impression microscope image - underside of leaf

Click to download Exolabs Microscopy Handout.

Creating a leaf impression for observation

Microscope Slide
Leaf (identify the leaf so you may accurately label your microphotograph)
Clear Tape
Nail Polish
Microscope Slide
Microscope with EXO Labs Focus Camera App and iPad interface

1. Choose a leaf and identify it from the plants listed above. The stoma of the leaf are predominately on the underside of the leaf so work with the underside of the leaf you have chosen.

2. Coat a section of the underside of the leaf with nail polish. Coat a piece of the tape with nail polish as well. Place the nail polish coated section of the tape over the nail polish coated section of the leaf and put aside to dry (about 10 minutes)

3. When the nail polish is dry, carefully lift the tape with the nail polish that now holds an impression of the leaf carefully up, and place the tape on your microscope slide.

4. Place your slide with the nail polish impression on the microscope stage. Turn the objective lens to 10X.

5. Using the focusing mechanism of the microscope, but viewing the microscope image from the iPad, bring the image of the leaf into focus. The Exo Camera and the iPad require a second to process the image so the focusing process will lag several seconds behind your actual focusing movements. Be patient, allow the image to fully process before you try additional focusing.

6. When you have your leaf impression in focus look for the following leaf structures to label.
  • Stoma
  • Guard Cells
  • Epithelial Cells
  • Surface Hairs (trichome) if present
Your instructor will assist you with using the labeling and pointing tools on the iPad. See Digital Microscope ExoLabs Focus Camera handout.

7. Show the scale of the micrograph you have created by using the EXO Camara's calibrated measuring tool. Make sure you use the correct calibration (4x or 10x) before using the scale tool.

8. Label your micrograph below the image:
Title: Title should include plant name and magnification level.
Note: Group member first names and date.

9. Write microscope image(s) names and group name on Microscope Log sheet next to iPad station. We will use this form to download and post digital copies of your images.

10. Enjoy your beautiful micrograph!

  1. A simple microtome for plant stem observationsScreen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.34.06 AM.png