Lab 3 - Cellular Respiration

Last Updated 10/11/18

Cohort A - O'Bryant • Thursday Novemeber 29, 2018 • Lab Assistants labasst-benaduce.jpgCJ Beneduce
2:30 PM - TMEC Cannon Studio 328
Cohort B - Kennedy & Tech Boston. • Thursday December 6, 2018 • Lab Assistantlabasst_hinton19_sganguli.jpgSangrag Ganguli
2:30 PM - TMEC Cannon Studio 328

Cohort C - Boston Latin Academy • Thursday December 13, 2018 • Lab Assistants labasst_hinton19_pbirla.jpgPakhi Birla & Trung Pham
2:30 PM - TMEC Cannon Studio 328

Idea 2: Biological systems utilize energy and molecular building blocks to grow, to

reproduce, and to maintain homeostasis.

Digital BioLab (TMEC 328 Learning Studio)
Student learn how their labquest station will connect to main screen managed by lab assistants and tutors.

Click on the form to download. Use Adobe Reader to view and submit your responses. iPad users need to the free Adobe Reader App. Visit the data links for each lab to see your team's responses.

John D. O'Bryant
Big Ideas Form
Kennedy & Tech Boston.
Big Ideas Form
Boston Latin Academy
Big Ideas Form
Vernier QuickStart Guide
Note the form can be filled out electronically using Adobe reader. Each student will receive a printed copy during tutoring.

STUDENT LAB GUIDE (Updated 11/29/17)


Data Recording Sheet

Use this recording sheet to manually generate graphs.

Open Inquiry Variables

  • ungerminated Alaska Peas
  • ungerminated Mung Beans
  • ungerminated Lima Beans
  • 24 hour germinated Alaska Peas
  • 48 hour germinated Alaska Peas
  • 24 hour germinated Mung Beans
  • 48 hour germinated Mung Beans
  • 24 hour germinated Alaska Peas in 0.1 M NaCl solution
  • 24 hour germinated Alaska Peas in 1.0 M NaCl solution
  • large meal worms (0.75 grams per worm)
  • small meal worms 0.18 grams per worm)
  • large crickets (0.32 grams per cricket)

Instructions on Data Delivery for Hinton Students

You are strongly encouraged to download and analyze your experimental labquest data files. You are responsible for the integrity of your team's data. If you are not sure about how to properly setup, collect and analyze your data you need to ask during the live lab session. Ask a lab assistant or tutor.

Each team should generate:
(1) Annotated graph with multiple lines. Include linear curve fits.
(2) Raw .csv file. The csv file can be opened and processed in excel.

Your teacher will have access to all data files and graphs through Dropbox.
Ungerminated Peas

Recorded November 10-12, 2013.

Pea Germination Cellular Respiration Time-Lapse 48hrs from Robert Simpson on Vimeo.

Pea Germination Time Lapse Setup
Vernier LabQuest 2 | CO2 Gas Sensor | Exo Labs Focus Camera with variable lens

Mung Bean Germination Time Lapse
Why is the CO2 level fluctuating over 40 hours?

Mung Bean Germination Time Lapse with CO2 Gas level &Temperature Graph from Robert Simpson on Vimeo.

labasst_hinton16_hderivera.jpg Heather DeRivera