Hinton Scholars Student Tutoring Group 5

School: Kennedy Academy
grp4-teacher-capodagli.jpgAP Bio Teacher: Derian Capodagli
grp5_hinton18_jpark.jpgTutor: Jeehae Park

Tyler Baptiste
Ruth Delhomme
Karla Gomez Gonzales
Saynab Hassan
Christofer Luna

Amari Mathieu
Emmanuel Roman
Sumaya Salat
Onasis Soto

LABORATORY 1 - Enzyme Catalysis
Thursday, October 12, 2017
TMEC 128 All students: Tutors join students in the lab.
Labs: 343

Hi Group 5!
This is your tutor Jeehae Park, a fruit fly geneticist in Harvard Medical School. You can visit this hompage of my research group to find more information about what I do everyday. https://depace.med.harvard.edu/ One day, I can perhaps take you folks to my laboratory and show you around.

Today we will learn about properties of enzyme. Enzyme is a biomolecule that converts one chemical to another so you can imagine that it is very essential for living organism. For example, lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, a type of sugar in milk. And some people who do not have much of this enzyme cannot digest lactose therefore become lactose intolerant. In the lab we will use enzyme extracted from turnip (not from your intestine!) that breaks down hydrogen peroxide. And measure how fast enzyme breaks it down to product. Then we will change conditions that affect enzyme activity and measure the rate of enzyme. Can you predict what conditions can change enzyme activity? Whoever can give me answer to this question will make my day (There are multiple 'conditions' so take a guess!)

See you all soon!

LABORATORY 2 - Photosynthesis
Thursday, November 2, 2017
TMEC Tutoring room: 115
Labs: 343 & 344

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LABORATORY 3 - Cellular Respiration
Thursday, December 7, 2017
TMEC Tutoring room: 115
TMEC Learning Studio 306 for Lab

Hi Group 5!
Long time no see! I was in Sonoma California to attend a science workshop last month. Our lab in Harvard Medical School is collaborating research with another lab in UC Berkeley so we spent 3 days discussing about our scientific projects and learned from each other. It was fun to meet fellow scientist who share same interests.

I am excited to be back and discuss with you about cellular respiration! Have you ever thought about why we breath? If we don't breath, we die but why do we need to breath? What are those oxygen good for? We will discuss about the cellular process of respiration and use mung bean to measure its respiration as it breathe!

If you cooperate well and if we fully understood the concepts, we can optionally work on solving murder mystery that includes a bit of forensics! Who's up for it?

See you soon!

Your tutor, Jeehae

LABORATORY 4 - Transpiration

Thursday, January 11, 2018
TMEC Tutoring room: 333

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LABORATORY 5 - DNA Analysis with PCR & Gel Electrophoresis
Thursday, February 8, 2018
TMEC Tutoring room: 111

Hi Group 5

I am very excited to do this topic with you because it relates to the research that I do. We say that we all have different DNA sequence but what does that really mean? We sure do share exact same sequence among human that make us all look like human so where are the differences? Is there any regions in the DNA that are actually very different that we can use to identify one from another - say to use in forensic investigation? In this lab, we will learn about some of the interesting characteristic of human genome and cleaver method to use the characteristics to identify DNA finger prints. Have you guys heard of the term CODIS system from any TV show? You'll learn all the cool terms and what they really mean. Next time you see CSI, I hope you can remember what we learned from your APbio 2018!

Looking Forward!

LABORATORY 6 - Transformation
Thursday, March 15, 2018
TMEC Tutoring room: 111

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Final Event: May 10, 2018