Lab Assistants

Cohort A - O'Bryant

CJ Beneduce & Nick Priess

Cohort B - Kenney & TechBoston

Joe Zullo & Heather deRivera

Cohort C - Boston Latin Academy

Jessica Olive & Andrew Olive
lab_assnt-hawkins.jpg lab_asst_hinton17_aolive.jpg

LabQuest Information

The guide below will describe how to connect each LabQuest to the proper Wi-Fi network and how to connect each LabQuest to a central iPad which can be used to display live data to the students when in the TMEC Learning Spaces

The guide below will describe how to use the Mirroring 360 Application to mirror the iPad display to the the computers/monitors in the TMEC Learning Spaces. This guide is only needed when trying to connect an older iPad to the monitors. We currently do not have an HDMI adapter for the older iPads so the Mirroring 360 Application can be used instead.

Lab 1 - Enzyme Catalysis

Cohort A: 10/06/2016
Cohort B: 10/13/2016
Cohort C: 10/20/2016

Lab 2 - Photosynthesis

Cohort A: 11/03/2016
Cohort B: 11/10/2016
Cohort C: 11/17/2016

This guide contains information to aid in the preparation and setup for the Photosynthesis Lab

Lab 3 - Cellular Respiration

Cohort A: 12/01/2016 > TMEC 328
Cohort B: 12/08/2016 > TMEC 128
Cohort C: 12/15/2016 > TMEC 128


  • TMEC Microscope network should be reset prior to lab. A request will be made by Robert Simpson.
  • LabQuest 2s connect with Vernier LabQuest Viewer App on iPad using manual IP on each LQ
  • LabQuests MUST be on wifi network prior to using the email feature on the LQ
  • Some students do not send correct file format from labquest. Check Google Gmail email to verify PDF Graph and text files.
  • Graph output is missing student given run names on legend. This is Vernier oversite and has been reported.

Revised Student Guide combines Vernier lab protocol with screenshots.

lab3_data_transfer_hinton17_thumb.jpg Includes data transfer instructions on page 4.
Team Organization & Data Transfer Procedure
Student Team Instruction Card - Students are assigned with colored dots. Team captains are appointed.

Student Team Instruction Card reverse - Team captains check off deliverables. Lab assistant initials 3 & 4 after confirming receipt of graph & text files to Google gmail account.

Lab 4 - Transpiration

Cohort A: 01/05/2017 > TMEC 332 and 338 | TMEC 328 microscopy & printing
Cohort B: 01/12/2017 > TMEC 332 Kennedy & TMEC 302 TechBoston | TMEC 328 microscopy & printing
Cohort C: 01/19/2017 > TMEC 332 BLA1 & TMEC 302 BLA2 | TMEC 328 microscopy & printing

LQ2s are now registered by MAC address. Donardo Marcellus (HMS IT) registered and tested network stability with 2 LQ devices for 3+ hours.
Recommends setting the WiFi driver saving mode to false.

Epson R2000 Printer Configuration
- Jay Goldfarb helped troubleshoot TCP/IP connection issue.
- Used Epson Net Config untility to program printer. This needs to be done from a laptop and both the laptop and printer must be plugged in to same IP subnet with an ethernet cable. We tested turning printer on/off and it was able to remember the IP address. The IP number is unique to the printer MAC address. B0:E8:92:89:68:5F
- Lab assistants should plug printer into the following jacks. Look for blue star.
  • TMEC 332 Front right of room facing instructor station. Network jack 3055-6
  • TMEC 328 Front right of room facing instructor station. Network jack 3011-6

Vernier Video Tutorial - Walks through how to setup Pressure Sensor, tubing and plant stem. Uploaded 3/1/17

Lab 5 - DNA Analysis with PCR and Gel Electrophoresis

Cohort A: 01/26/2017 > TMEC 332
Cohort B: 02/02/2017 > TMEC 302 & 332
Cohort C: 02/09/2017 > TMEC 302 & 332

Revised Instructor's Guide > Updated 2/2/17
miniPCR & blueGel electrophoresis system

Lab 6 - Transformation

Cohort A: 03/02/2017 > TMEC 332
Cohort B: 03/09/2017
Cohort C: 03/16/2017